Bar Stocktaking

Does your bar suffer from any of these problems?

  • Cash and Stock Shortages
  • Short Deliveries
  • Staff Drinking
  • Low Yield
  • Low Profit Margins
  • High Waste

The solution

These problems are often tackled using a licenced trade stocktaker.

Regular stocktaking can pinpoint any of these problems which occur so frequently. Our comparison between your stock consumption and your till report will show exactly which products are producing a loss.

After completing our stocktake we can then discuss with you the safeguards required to prevent any future problems. Our easy to understand reports produce a wealth of other invaluable information for you to act upon.

The GP on every item you stock will help you see where pricing needs to be improved, the waste is examined to see where it can be reduced, and trends in your trade are monitored to see how we can improve your bar’s profits.

We produce an exact valuation of your stock on every visit. A certificate can be provided upon request.

How it works

We count every item you stock accurately to obtain a current stock list all we ask from the customer is access to records of all deliveries received since the previous stocktake, sales figures and any allowances. (Wastage, pipe cleaning allowance, special offers etc).
Using our previous stock count we can then ascertain exactly what was sold of every item and compare this to what has been rung through your till system. This shows exactly what is missing from every item you stock.
By regularly updating your cost prices we will also obtain your profit margin and compare it to the potential profit that perhaps you should have made. Our reports provide you with the Gross Profit made on every item you sell, a stock valuation figure, yield and so much more.
We wrote the software ourselves so unlike some stocktaking companies we can adapt our reports to suit your exact requirements. We can either produce each result on-site or email the result to you.
Following each visit we will always send you a full commentary with regards to the visit. We’ll also mention any problems we noticed with regards to storage, stock levels, and of course any issues arising from the result produced.

How much could you save?

Our customers save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds per month, not to mention freeing up their valuable time.
So, want to see how stocktaking could work for you?

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