Preston Insurance Brokers

Preston Insurance Brokers are an independent insurance broker based in Brighton, helping all types of businesses in and around Sussex and across the UK.

We look after a number of clients with licensed trade premises such as;

Public Houses, Restaurants, Wine Merchants, Private Members Clubs, Sports & Leisure Clubs, Golf Clubs, Rugby Clubs and Cricket Clubs.

Benefiting from a depth of experience and knowledge borne out of a collective 50+ years in insurance, we are straight forward to deal with avoiding unnecessary insurance and corporate jargon. When in contact with anyone at Preston Insurance Brokers you will be dealing with human beings who believe in what they do not scripted sales people.

As a consequence of our approach our clients will normally end up with wider cover and a more competitive price.

We will ask you what you want, inform you of the options, make suggestions based on our experience and deliver to your expectations. We’ll explain to you what you are buying and why, explaining the important details in ways you will understand.

At Preston Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a Professional, reliable, efficient and personal service. Our highly experienced and fully qualified team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping businesses of all sizes from small start-up businesses to large multi-national plc’s finding the right insurance policy to meet their varying needs and requirements.

Personal Service with Corporate Clout
Combined with the strength of the A-One Insurance Group, whilst we are insurance brokers in Brighton, Preston Insurance Brokers are assisted by over 90 staff across 8 different areas of the UK.

Our clients therefore benefit from a first class personal service with access to exclusive and specialist policies unavailable to other brokers.

Claims Support
In addition and when needed the most there is support from dedicated claims teams and risk management advisers, ensuring that the level of service we provide is continual throughout the year, not just when you have to pay at renewal.

For more information or to request an insurance quotation for your business please contact us on:

Office: 11 Hollingbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 7GE
Tel: 0845 129 7505