Accurate reports with a swift delivery

In my role at City Pub Company I have many very busy pubs to look after.

I need to rely on a stocktaking company that understands the importance of accurate reports with a swift delivery.

I have only ever used Licensed Trade Auditors in this role as they carry out my company’s requirements efficiently and without fuss or delay. Their role as our stocktakers is crucial. Any issues raised from their reports are communicated to me immediately in order for me to act and resolve the matter. I have no doubt their reports, feedback and advice have been hugely beneficial to our company.

Friendly, efficient and accurate. Highly recommended.
Alex Derrick – CEO, City Pub Company

I can now easily act upon issues

“Things have really improved since we started using Licensed Trade Auditors. We were unaware of certain issues which have since been highlighted and acted upon by us. The difference is massive as just one small underlying problem that goes un-noticed can really hurt our business.

Fortunately I now run the club safe in the knowledge that any new issue that arises will be brought to my attention immediately so that it can be acted upon.

Having reliable stocktakers means that I can focus my attention on the the day to day running of the club rather than getting bogged down with potential problems in our bar” – Clive Lauren, Platinum Lace Bar & Gentlemen’s Clubs

Recommended for anyone in the trade

We have used this very old and well established family business since 1974 in various units, culminating in our present outlet The Walnut Tree, Chichester.

We have found them to be reliable, efficient and accurate and have assisted in controlling the business.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Licensed Trade Auditors and would indeed go further to say that anyone in the trade should have regular stock checks and Jon and his team are ideally suited for the job.
– The Walnut Tree, Chichester

Deliver us a pleasing profit margin

“With Licensed Trade Auditors help I have managed to keep on top of costs and deliver a very pleasing profit margin. I couldn’t run my pub without them!”
– Charles Child, Doctor Brighton

Professional, friendly and trustworthy

“I have always used Licensed Trade Auditors for Brighton Rugby Club. The whole team are so professional, friendly, trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommended.”
– Jason Tams, Brighton Rugby Club

We highly recommend

“I have used Licensed Trade Auditors in all my pubs and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them”
– Alex Hughes. Abinger Hatch

Outstanding service!

“At Rowbell Leisure we operate multiple venues that require strict stock control. This is exactly why we use Licensed Trade Auditors”
– Rowbell Leisure, Brighton