Our key team members

Johm Rutter

John Rutter – Managing director

Jon Rutter has led the company for 20 years. In this time he has gained a wealth of experience within the leisure industry.

Driving the company forward and directing the company’s rapid expansion, Jon is delighted to count many national organisations and celebrity chefs amongst the company’s clients.

He loves sport of all types and can be found watching either Brighton & Hove Albion or Brighton Rugby Club during the winter months and relaxing at Sussex County Cricket Club in the Summer. Married with two daughters, Jon also enjoys walking his retired greyhound.


Jenny – Office Manager

Jenny has worked with us since 2005. Formerly in charge of the office at one of our clients, Jenny now oversees the day to day running of our office in Brighton.

A true all-rounder, Jenny organises everything from our bookkeeping to arranging the diary, and if you give us a call it’s probably Jenny who will answer.

Married to Mark, Jenny loves nothing more than dogs and gardening. Her garden at home is pure chocolate-box and she dotes on her labrador-cross Bonnie.

At weekends she still helps out at her former employers Lindfield Golf Academy


Alex Mitchell – Stocktaker

Alex grew up in Brighton and worked in a pub locally. He impressed us with his attitude and knowledge and we were delighted when he agreed to join us.

Seven years on and he now lives in London and works from our office in the capital.

Alex is a drummer in his spare time. He’s featured in some pretty well known bands and loves playing live music.

When he’s not playing, he’s out listening to music and meeting friends in London’s trendier hang-outs. Hoxton is the current favourite.