Stock valuation

Do you need an accurate valuation of your stock before selling your business?

When buying or selling your venue, it is imperative you have the stock valued correctly. This is why you need a professional stocktaker to act on your behalf and ensure you don’t lose out financially.

We’ll act on your behalf to get you the best deal we can and provide you with a full breakdown of your stock. We’ll also forward a valuation certificate to your accountant.

If required we’ll also read your meters for you.

How it works

All we need is access to the stock and preferably some up to date cost-prices for the stock. The stock is carefully counted and then valued using the latest cost prices.
As well as wet and food stock, we are often requested to count the float to be purchased, read the utility meters and value any janitorial items.
Before completion we will always discuss our valuation, mention any problems and show how we arrived at our final valuation figure.

How much could you save?

Our customers save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds per month, not to mention freeing up their valuable time.
So, want to see how stocktaking could work for you?

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