Our Services

Bar Stocktaking

We can offer your bar support with any of the following issues:

  • Cash or stock shortages
  • Short deliveries
  • Staff drinking
  • Low yield
  • Low profit margins
  • High waste

These problems are often tackled by our team of stocktakers. 

Regular stocktaking can pinpoint any of these problems which occur so frequently. Our comparison between your stock consumption and your till reported sales will show exactly which products are producing a loss.

After completing our stocktake we can then discuss with you the safeguards required to prevent any future problems. Our easy to understand reports produce a wealth of other invaluable information for you to act upon.

The GP shown on every item you stock will help you see where pricing needs to be improved, the waste is examined to see where it can be reduced and trends in your your trade are monitored to see how we can improve your bar’s profits.

We produce an exact valuation of your stock on every visit & a certificate can be issued upon request.

How it works:

We count every item you stock accurately to obtain a current stock list. All we ask from the customer is access to records of all deliveries received since the previous stocktake, sales figures and any allowances. (Wastage, pipe cleaning, special offers etc).

We count every item you stock accurately to obtain a current stock list. All we ask from the customer is access to records of all deliveries received since the previous stocktake, sales figures and any allowances. (Wastage, pipe cleaning, special offers etc).

By regularly updating your cost prices we will also obtain your profit margin and compare it to the potential profit that perhaps you should have made. Our reports provide you with the gross profit (GP) made on every item you sell, a stock valuation figure, yield and so much more.

We wrote the software ourselves so unlike some stocktaking companies we can adapt our reports to suit your exact requirements. We can either produce each result on-site or email the result to you.

Following each visit we will always send you a full commentary with regards to the visit. We’ll also mention any problems we noticed with regards to storage, stock levels, and of course any issues arising from the result produced.

steak, meat, beef
Food Stocktaking

We can offer your kitchen support with any of the following issues:

  • Poor portion control
  • Missing stock
  • Poor menu planning
  • High waste
  • Unsure of what profit is being made

Whilst many chefs will provide fine food which may be very popular, it is the profit you make that really counts. Our food stocktakes will show an up to date profit figure and highlight how waste could be ruining your profitability. 

We will discuss how the food operation can be improved upon, making better use of your stock and checking your pricing is correct.

How it works:

We will call at a time to suit both proprietor and chef. If required we can count the food stock alongside the chef, but equally we are comfortable counting the stock alone.

Using your latest cost prices we are able to obtain an accurate stock valuation in your kitchen. All we require is access to all food deliveries made since our previous stocktake and the food sales figure.

From this we can accurately ascertain your gross profit (GP) in monetary terms as well as the percentage profit. Once completed we can discuss with all interested parties how the figures could be improved upon.

Stock Valuation, Safe Checks
& Meter Reading

When we visit your site for a stocktake we can offer a few added services, particularly helpful if you aren’t there on a regular basis and have a management team in place. We can perform safe and till checks to ensure the balances are as they should be, and meter readings to keep you on top of your billing. 

If you don’t require a full stocktake but need a stock valuation and certificate, we can do that! This service also covers owner handovers. 

Selling your business and need a professional handover?

When buying or selling your venue, it is imperative you have the stock valued correctly. This is why you need a professional stocktaker to act on your behalf and ensure you don’t lose out financially.

We’ll act on your behalf to get you the best deal we can and provide you with a full breakdown of your stock. We’ll also forward a valuation certificate to your accountant.

If required we’ll also read your meters for you.

All we need is access to the stock and preferably some up to date cost-prices for the stock. The stock is carefully counted and then valued using the latest cost prices. As well as wet and food stock, we are often requested to count the float to be purchased, read the utility meters and value any janitorial items. Before completion we will always discuss our valuation, mention any problems and show how we arrived at our final valuation figure.


Some helpful information to get you more up to speed with our services.

Our stocktaking will highlight immediately any problems you may have with pilferage or theft. We will show you which products are a cause for concern and how to overcome these issues. We’ll show you how to reduce your waste and maximise your profits.

It varies according to the venue, but most will have a monthly report. Smaller venues with a low turnover may leave it for 6 weeks or even 3 months, but the longer it gets left, the longer a problem could linger.

Unlike some, we prefer to specialise in our field. We work solely for licensed venues with a bar. Pubs, clubs, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants etc. We do not work for shops or off-licenses.

We have national coverage across the UK. 

We are an invaluable and integral part of most of our clients’ businesses. As well as highlighting any problems with cash or stock there are so many other benefits we provide. Accurate stock valuations for your accounts, an up to date Gross Profit percentage, trends in your trade, feedback and advice with regards to suppliers and pricing and much more.

We provide an accuracy and efficiency that cannot normally be produced by bar staff. We free up your staff’s time to let them run the bar whilst you leave the stocktaking to the experts. Independence is also paramount here. Can you really trust your manager to provide you with accurate and trustworthy figures?

Not long at all! It depends how you would like to receive your report, but we’ll produce them on site if required. If not we’ll email them as a PDF the same day or if preferred we’ll post you a hard-copy.

We try to keep disruption to a minimum. All we ask from you is access to the stock and a record of deliveries and sales figures, plus any allowances (waste, staff drinks, promos etc). We’ll count the stock and press on with producing the result with minimum disruption to you.

Once the report is completed, we’d love to run through it with you to discuss any problem areas. Following each visit we’ll always send you our comments on where the problems lie and what could be improved upon.

Our services start from just £100, so that’s less than the price of a pint per day! Very little to pay for a service that could, and often does, save you thousands of pounds every month.